Sylvie Kademian

Science Educator

Sylvie Kademian

Science Educator


Dr. Sylvie Kademian joined BSCS as a science educator in June 2020. She holds a B.S. in Natural Science from the University of Wisconsin, a M.Ed. in teaching and curriculum from The Ohio State University, and a M.S. in ecology and evolutionary biology and Ph.D. in science education from the University of Michigan.

During her graduate work at the University of Michigan, Sylvie helped to design educative curriculum materials focused on supporting teachers to learn to teach elementary science in a way that is equitable for all students. She taught several undergraduate biology courses and undergraduate and masters level courses within the School of Education and developed a passion for supporting teachers to enact investigation-based discussions in a way that prioritizes students' ideas and sensemaking. After receiving her doctorate, Sylvie completed a post-doctoral fellowship at the University of Michigan, during which she designed teacher education curriculum materials and developed resources for teachers aligned with the Next Generation Science Standards and high-leverage teaching practices, and continued to serve as a field instructor for the Elementary Education Master of the Art with Certification program.

At BSCS she focuses her efforts on the development of life science instructional materials designed to meet the demands of the Next Generation Science Standards.


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